Kirsty Crochet Doll

24 Jan

This 6 inch crochet doll features a removable dress, for added play value, and a defined scalp section for ease in attaching hair strands. The doll’s limbs are attached as you go – so there’s no need to sew anything on at the end, asides from facial features and hair.

Kirsty Crochet Doll

If you haven’t previously made any dolls, or other amigurumi critters with hair, you simply attach the strands the same way that you’d attach scarf fringing. Using a small crochet hook (or darning needle), pull the middle of a short length of yarn through the fabric – so you have a loop on one side and the 2 tail ends on the other. Pull the tail ends through the loop and give it a firm tug to secure. (If giving to a young child, you may additionally wish to secure the tail ends with a double knot.)

Kirsty Crochet Doll Pattern

All rounds begin with a standard turning chain and are joined with a slip stitch – except for the last round of the dress. (See pattern for further details.)

Size: 6 inches tall
Yardage: 45-67 yards
Needles: 4mm (US: 6/G), darning needle, sewing needle
Yarn: DK (US: light worsted) in at least 2 colours
Materials: toy stuffing, thread (US: cotton)

Leg A

Rnd 1: magic loop of 6 dc sts
Rnds 2-10: dc6

Fasten off and proceed to LEG B and BODY.

Leg B & Body

Rnd 1: magic loop of 6 dc sts
Rnds 2-20: dc6
Rnd 21: dc3, dc6 (into LEG A), dc3 [12 dc]

Fill legs with toy stuffing.

Rnds 22-27: dc12

Fasten off, fill body with toy stuffing, and proceed to ARM A.

Arm A

Rnd 1: magic loop of 4 dc sts
Rnds 2-6: dc4

Fasten off and proceed to ARM B and HEAD.

Arm B & Head

Rnd 1: magic loop of 4dc sts
Rnds 2-6: dc4
Rnd 7: dc2tog, dc6 into BODY, dc2tog into ARM A, dc1, dc2tog into ARM A & BODY, dc4, dc2tog into BODY & ARM B, dc1 [16 dc]
Rnd 8: dc2tog to end [8 dc]
Rnd 9: dc2tog, dc2, dc2tog, dc2 [6 dc]
Rnd 10: 2dc to end [12dc]
Rnd 11: *2dc, dc2, rep * to end [16 dc]
Rnds 12-14: dc16
Rnd 15: *dc2tog, dc2, rep * to end [12 dc]

Switch to hair colour yarn.

Rnd 16: dc12
Rnd 17: dc2tog to end [6 dc]

Fasten off with long tail for sewing, and fill head with toy stuffing.

Sew facial features e.g. eyes and mouth. Sew head opening closed and weave in ends. Use a small crochet hook or darning needle to attach short lengths of yarn to head, and trim the hair to desired style.


Rnd 1: ch24 and join with slst
Rnd 2: dc24 BLO
Rnd 3: tr24
Rnd 4: *tr2tog, tr2, rep * to end [18 tr]
Rnd 5: *tr2tog, tr4, rep * to end [15 tr]
Rnd 6: tr15
Rnd 7: tr13, tr2tog [14 tr]
Rnd 8: no tch, ch5, skip 1, slst6, ch5, skip 1, slst6

Fasten off and weave in ends.

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BLO = back loop only
ch = chain
dc = double crochet (US: single crochet)
dc2tog = double crochet 2 stitches together
rep = repeat
slst = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
tch = turning chain
tr = treble (US: double crochet)
tr2tog = treble 2 stitches together

This pattern was tested by the lovely Mnemosyn, and wandabennett. <3


Mini Petal Plastic Bag Holder

5 Jan

Use a 5mm (H) crochet hook and DK (8 ply or light worsted) yarn. Join rounds, where specified, with a slip stitch. Turning chains have been specified, throughout. Do not add a turning chain unless directed to do so! All crochet terms are given in UK English; see the abbreviations list for US English equivalents, at the end of this page.

The petal drawstring is optional; you can substitute a ribbon or length of yarn. If using the petal drawstring, you should thread it through the drawstring loopholes so that both ends of the string are coming out of the same hole – this represents a “stem” with a single petal/bud at the end.

Mini Petal Plastic Bag Holder

Petal Bag

Rnd 1: ch14 and join
Rnd 2: tch, dc14 and join [14 dc]
Rnd 3: tch, *2htr, htr, rep * to end and join [21 htr]
Rnd 4: ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr, *skip 2, 3tr, rep * to end and join [21 tr]
Rnd 5: tch, htr21 BLO and join [21 htr]
Rnds 6-9: rep rnds 4-5
Rnd 10: tch, dc21 and join [21 dc]
Rnd 11: tch, *dc, ch2, rep * to end and join
Rnd 12: tch, *dc, dc2 into ch-sp, rep * to end and join
Rnd 13: *(dc, htr), (tr, htr), (dc, slst), rep * to end and fasten off

Petal Drawstring

Rnd 1: ch42, thread through loopholes and join
Row 2: dc3, slst and turn
Row 3: skip 1, (dc, htr), (tr, htr), (dc, slst) and fasten off

This mini plastic bag holder fits 4 standard size supermarket plastic bags. It’s ideal for quick shopping trips, where you’d like to reuse existing plastic bags and want to store them neatly until required.

Close ups of Mini Petal Plastic Bag Holder

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BLO = back loop only
ch = chain
ch-sp = chain space
dc = double crochet (US: single crochet)
htr = half treble (US: half double crochet)
rep = repeat
rnd(s) = round(s)
slst = slip stitch
tch = turning chain
tr = treble (US: double crochet)

Pattern Tip Jar

5 Jan

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