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Rustic Jingles (Handbells)

19 Apr

I’ve been browsing through percussion instruments on Amazon (one of my favourite websites) and marvelling at the cost of such delights as wooden sticks (claves) and empty¬†boxes (cajons). Okay, I’m sure these things are expertly crafted and, in the hands of actual percussionists, sound really beautiful. However, my percussionists are small children and it occurred to me that it might be fun to try making some instruments myself! :) So… this is my plushie version of Handbells (also known variously as Jingle Bells or Sleigh Bells).


Rustic Jingles (Handbells) Pattern

Needles: 4mm (US: 6) and 5mm (US: 8) crochet hooks, darning needle
Yarn: DK (US: light worsted) and Aran (US: worsted)
Materials: Toy stuffing, 4 jingle bells


Use a 5mm (US: 8) crochet hook and Aran (US: worsted) yarn. Stuff the handle very firmly, as you go.

Rnd 1: magic loop of 5 dc sts [5 dc]
Rnd 2: ch1, 2dc each st [10 dc]
Rnds 3-16: ch1, dc10 [10 dc]
Rnd 17: ch1, dc2tog [5 dc]

Cut the yarn with a long tail and use the tail to sew the opening closed.


Use a 4 mm (US: 6) crochet hook and DK (US: light worsted) yarn. Leave a long tail, when making your slip knot. (This will be used for sewing, later on.)

Row 1: ch4
Rows 2-35: ch1, dc4

Fasten off with a long tail.

Assembly and Jingle Bells

Securely sew 4 jingle bells, evenly distributed, along the middle of the strap. Use the long tails to sew the strap to either end of the handle. Hide and trim tail ends.

Hold your Handbells by the handle and start jingling away! Alternatively: give up and buy one from Amazon. :p

Percussion Plus Handbells

Percussion Plus Handbells (as sold on Amazon UK)

ch = chain
dc = double crochet (US: single crochet)
dc2tog = dc 2 sts together (US: sc 2 sts together)
st(s) = stitch(es)