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Simple Tree Mittens

18 Jan

These Christmas tree decorations are designed to resemble baby mittens. They measure about 2 by 2.5 inches – great for hanging on your tree or stuffing a tiny treat inside. The original pattern for Simple Tree Mittens was a seamed, knitted design. However, in honour of their popularity, I’ve reworked them to include 2 new flavours: Original (Knitted), Seamless (Knitted) and Crochet.

The photo (below) shows the crochet version on the left and the seamless knitted version on the right. The crocheted Simple Tree Mittens use a sideways ribbed cuff, so they are a great way to practice crochet ribbing if you haven’t tried it before. The knitted Simple Tree Mittens use a standard ‘rib 2’ for the cuffs.

The Simple Tree Mittens work well individually or as traditional pairs, using small amounts of DK (US: worsted) in 2 colours. The mini pompoms are entirely optional; I’d suggest the ‘fork’ method, which makes an ideal size pompom. If you are attaching pompoms, leave a long tail to attach the pom-pom and make a hanging loop. Otherwise, crochet a single chain or use some scrap yarn or ribbon for the hanging loops.

Simple Tree Mittens

Simple Tree Mittens (Original – Knitted)

With yarn A, cast on 24 stitches using 4mm (US: 6) knitting needles.

Rows 1-5: (k2, p2) to end [24 sts]
Row 6: k24
Rows 7-16: change to yarn B and work 10 rows of st st (beginning with knit row)
Row 17: (k2tog tbl) to end [12 sts]
Row 18: p12
Row 19: (k2tog tbl) to end [6 sts]

Cut yarn with long tail, cinch tight through the remaining 6 stitches and pull tight. Use the yarn tail to sew up the side seam. Weave in ends. Attach hanging loop and mini pompoms.

Simple Tree Mittens (Seamless – Knitted)

With yarn A, cast on 24 stitches and distribute across 4mm (US: 6) double-pointed needles.

Rnds 1-5: (k2, p2) to end [24 sts]
Rnd 6: k24
Rnds 7-16: change to yarn B and knit all sts
Rnd 17: k2tog to end [12 sts]
Rnd 18: k12
Rnd 19: k2tog to end [6 sts]

Cut yarn with long tail, cinch tight through the remaining 6 stitches and sew securely on wrong side. Weave in ends. Attach hanging loop and mini pompoms.

Simple Tree Mittens (Crochet)

Use a 4mm (US: 6) crochet hook and work from the bottom up (versus ‘top down’ for the knitted versions).

Rnd 1: magic loop of 4 dc sts with yarn B [4 dc]
Rnd 2: (2dc) to end [8 dc]
Rnd 3: (2dc, dc1) to end [12 dc]
Rnd 4: (2dc, dc2) to end [16 dc]
Rnd 5: (2dc, dc3) to end [20 dc]
Rnds 6-8: dc20

Change to yarn A to work the mitten cuff, sideways.

Row 9: ch4
Row 10 (and all even rows to Row 24): ch1, dc4 BLO, dc2 (into mitten body edge)
Row 11 (and all odd rows to Row 27): skip 2 sts, dc4 BLO
Row 28: ch1, slst4 BLO into adjacent edge of mitten cuff (to close the cuff)

Fasten off and weave in all ends, on wrong side. Attach hanging loop and mini pompoms.

Fork Pompoms

If you’ve never heard of the ‘fork’ method for making mini pompoms, then it’s really self-explanatory. Basically, you use a fork – a regular fork from your cutlery drawer – to wind the yarn around because it’s an easy way to measure for really tiny pom-poms.

Fork Pompom

Put a length of yarn vertically between the middle tines, wind the yarn horizontally round all the tines and tie the vertical yarn around your wound yarn. Slide the tied yarn off the fork tines and use embroidery scissors (or any sharp scissors) to snip the loops at the side edges. Fluff up your mini pom-pom and trim any sticking out bits. Either leave the long, dangling, yarn to use when attaching your pompom to a project or trim it off.

BLO = back loop only
ch(s) = chain(s)
dc = double crochet (US: single crochet)
k = knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
p = purl
slst = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
st st = stocking stitch
tbl = through back loop

Simple Tree Mittens (original knitted version) were first published on December 11, 2012.


Durum Mittens

9 Mar

Durum Mittens are fingerless mittens, knitted with super chunky yarn on 9 mm (US 13) needles. They are called “durum” both in the sense of “hardy” and because the chunky twists (mock cables) are reminiscent of (durum) wheat ears.

Durum Mittens

The pattern is available for sale via Ravelry, priced at £1.99 GBP.You can also view some completed Durum Mittens projects there – please upload your own too! :)

The mittens can be made in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. As a guide, small fits my hands and large fits my husband’s hands! However, I do have small hands so medium would probably be the best fit for most women. The mittens are designed to be a snug fit (negative ease) as I find gloves and mittens tend to stretch slightly after you’ve worn them a few times.

You will need to knit in the round and to work: bo, co, k, m, p, p2tog, pfb, T2L. The pattern includes a glossary of abbreviations and notes on how to join in the round and how to work a left twist (T2L).

Yardage is approximately 43.7-51.4 yards (40.0-47.0 metres) of super chunky yarn. However, you can also successfully use multiple strands of lighter-weight yarns to create a lovely variegated effect. One of my pattern testers did that and her mittens look gorgeous!

I would love to see any photos, if you buy my pattern and knit these fingerless Durum Mittens! Happy knitting! :) x