Pattern Tip Jar

5 Jan

In light of the recent EU tax developments, I’d like to trial a new business model with your support. I think you’ll like it! :)

New patterns will be launched on a “tips” basis. If you like what you see and my patterns are of benefit to you, I’d appreciate it if you would tip me whatever you feel they are worth. This is entirely voluntary; if you choose not to tip, it will not affect the trial.

Here is the new “pattern tips jar” button, which is powered by PayPal. It will be visible on the page of all new patterns (and any relaunched ones) that are included in this trial. I currently expect to review this in around 3 months’ time, to see how popular it is!

Remember: the more you tip, the more I’ll be encouraged to design new patterns for your knitting and crochet pleasure. :)

PS: Please bear with me, if there are any hiccups to begin with! You may find this article changes, over the next few days, as I get to grips with how the tip jar model can work.


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