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Amigurumi Owl Adaptation

21 Jul

My daughter recently requested that I make her something Harry Potter themed. Inspiration saved me at the last-minute, when I decided my Mini Amigurumi Penguin would adapt very nicely into a speedy amigurumi owl!


To make this version, you will need 8mm (US: L) and 5mm (US: 8/H) crochet hooks and assorted DK (US: worsted) yarns. I used a mix of white, cream and brown yarn colours to create some visual texture depth. The original pattern includes feet but I omitted those entirely. Instead, I’ve added some ear tufts. The amigurumi owl directions, below, reference the original pattern, which is available here: Mini Amigurumi Penguin.


Use the larger hook and 3 strands of DK yarn. Do not change yarn colours midway.


Use the larger hook and 3 strands of DK yarn. Blanket stitch the edges of each wing and use blanket stitch to attach the wings to the body. (I used brown along the top edge of the wings and white along the other edges.)


Use the smaller hook. After working the magic loop, do not fasten off – work a second round as 2dc (US: 2sc) in each st and then fasten off. Sew French knots for normal pupils or use satin stitches to create crazy winking pupils.


Do not crochet the beak. Use satin stitches to fill in a sewn, triangular, beak area.


With a darning needle or fine hook, pull 3 to 5 short lengths of yarn through the head – where you’d like to place an ear. Firmly knot all the yarn together and trim the ends, so they are about an inch long. Gently unravel the yarn plies, so the ear looks nice and fluffy. Repeat for the second ear.

The finished amigurumi owl reminded me strongly of Pigwidgeon but my daughter assured me that it looks like Hedwig. Who am I to argue? The main thing is: my daughter loved her new stuffed owl. :)