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Granny Square Baby Blanket

19 Jun

I’m sure all crochet fans know how to work a basic granny square, so I won’t bother giving a “pattern” as such. However, I wanted to share the small granny square baby blanket that I’ve made for an acquaintance who is expecting her fourth child! It was a bit of a rush job so it’s only about 27 x 27 inches square, excluding the dc joins around the edges.

granny square crochet blanket

I used a 5 mm (US: 8) hook and machine-washable DK yarn. (Got to be machine-washable – you know how babies just looove to throw up on everything! Well… throw up or worse!!) The centres are ch 6 and the shells are a bizarre cross between a tr and a dtr. I can’t recall which stitch I meant to use but I’d gone most of the way around the first square and decided it wasn’t worth frogging it. So, it was ch 3, yo once, then worked as a dtr. I must have subconsciously compensated for the absent second yo by making my sts very loose. The spaces are ch 2 and the corners are ch 3.

About 2/3 through the project, I found out that the mom is on team pink so I added a teeny splash of colour. (I’d originally planned to do it all in yellow as I thought it was team idk but hey-ho.)

folded granny square baby blankie

The joins were done after the granny squares were completed, with simple dc (US: sc), and I went around the outer edge with a row of dc.