Media & PR Opportunities

If you have any suitable family-friendly PR opportunities for the FC Knits brand, please get in touch at with relevant details. Product reviews, giveaways or competitions, guest blogging and other PR opportunities are all welcome for consideration.

FC Knits has a clear profile on many social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Ravelry; social media impact is excellent and rated 100% by Cool Social. Audience statistics are monitored with Quantcast, Alexa, Jetpack and Google Analytics; FC Knits has good ranking both globally and within the UK, which is the primary audience location.

FC Knits has PageRank 2 and mozRank 4.1. During March to December 2013, FC Knits was visited by people from 63 countries; readership is mostly British based, closely followed by America and Canada. Extrapolated data* yields yearly page views of 11,358. During 2013, average page views were 32 per day.

FC Knits is a lifestyle and crafts blog, specialising in knitting and crochet patterns. Free crochet and knitting patterns are published on this website and paid patterns are available for sale via Ravelry and Amazon. This website also includes cooking, parenting, reviews and associated lifestyle and crafts topics, from Amigurumi to Zucchini (Courgette) Bread.

Public data and statistics are available at the following links:

*FC Knits was previously hosted on a different platform under a different domain name; the sum (9,465 * 1.2 = 11,358) estimates the unquantified January and February 2013 figures, based on Jetpack statistics for this domain name for the period March to December 2013.

Example Reviews

Family-friendly reviews, during 2013, included The Croods (DVD) and Quick Knits: Small & Pretty (Book).

Miscellaneous PR opportunities and campaigns, during 2013, included the Poppy Appeal (Charity) and Historic Newspapers (Product Feature).


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