Pebble Hedgehog

8 Feb

Pebble is a cute baby hedgie, about 3 inches long. He takes mere minutes to hook, and features wonderfully textured puff stitches all over his back.

Pebble Hedgehog

Pebble Hedgehog Pattern

All rounds begin with a standard turning chain – including the magic loop – and are joined with a slip stitch. All directions are in UK English; see abbreviations section for US English equivalents, where available!

Size: 3 inches long
Needles: 4mm (US: 6/G), darning needle
Yarn: DK (US: light worsted) in 3 colours; black, beige, and brown
Materials: toy stuffing

Nose, with BLACK yarn…

Rnd 1: magic loop of 6 htr sts [6 htr]

Face, with BEIGE yarn…

Rnd 2: *2htr, htr* twice [10 htr]
Rnd 3: *2htr, htr4* twice [12 htr]
Rnd 4: *2htr, htr2* 4 times [16 htr]

Body, with BROWN yarn…

Rnd 5: htr, *puff, htr* 4 times, htr7 [12 htr, 4 puff]

>>Sew eyes with satin stitches.<<

Rnd 6: *puff, htr* 4 times, htr2tog, htr4, htr2tog [10 htr, 4 puff]
Rnd 7: *puff, htr* 3 times, htr2tog, htr4, htr2tog [9 htr, 3 puff]
Rnd 8: *puff, htr* twice, htr2tog, htr4, htr2tog [8 htr, 2 puff]

>>Fill hedgehog with toy stuffing.<<

Rnd 9: htr2tog 5 times [5 htr]
Rnd 10: go through 1st and 4th stitches with a slst, ch3, go through those 1st and 4th stitches again with another slst

Fasten off and weave in ends.

This pattern is also available to download as a PDF. :)

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ch(s) = chain(s)
htr = half treble (US: half double crochet)
htr2tog = half treble 2 stitches together
puff = puff st of 4 treble stitches (US: double crochet sts)
slst = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)


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