Play Food Sandwich

3 Jul

This knitted play food sandwich is great for teddy bear picnics and general role-play. If you added sewn facial features, such as eyes and a mouth, then it would also fit a kawaii theme. You will need DK yarn, in various colours, and size 4 mm (US: 6) knitting needles.

knitted and crocheted play food amigurumi


With brown or white yarn, cast on 10 sts.
Rows 1-20: knit all sts

Bind off and weave in ends.

Cheese Filling

With yellow yarn, cast on 16 sts.
Rows 1-4: knit all sts
Row 5: k2tog tbl, k12, k2tog
Row 6 and all even rows to end: knit all sts
Row 7: k2tog tbl, k10, k2tog
Row 9: k2tog tbl, k8, k2tog
Row 11: k2tog tbl, k6, k2tog
Row 13: k2tog tbl, k4, k2tog
Row 15: k2tog tbl, k2, k2tog
Row 17: k2tog tbl, k2tog

Bind off and weave in ends.

Tomato and Pickle

Make 2 pieces: one in red yarn and one in green yarn.

Cast on 8 sts.
Row 1: knit
Row 2: k2, knit the next st and slip it back on to the LH knitting needle, pass 4 sts from the LH needle over the slipped st, knit the slipped st and then the last st
Row 3: knit all 4 sts

Bind off and weave in ends.


Assemble your knitted play food sandwich, using the photo for guidance, by placing the triangular filling on one half of the bread piece and tuck the tomato and pickle pieces between the filling and the bread. Sew them in place with the same yarn colour as the bread piece. Next, fold the bread piece in half and sew it into place.

knitted play food sandwich


Sew small beads or lines to bread piece, to look like seeded bread e.g. granary. Use a different colour for the filling piece e.g. pink (ham). Vary the colour of the tomato and pickle pieces e.g. both red (tomatoes) or cream (onions). Make 6 tomato/pickle pieces in green and arrange 3 on each side (curled lettuce).

k = knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
tbl = through back loop(s)
st(s) = stitch(es)
LH = left hand


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