Baby Jingle Ball

20 Jun

This baby jingle ball toy is very simple to make and takes very little time to crochet. It uses 2 colours for contrast interest and a slightly textured strip (of htr) around the middle. Jingle bells are optional but fun! This squashy, soft ball makes a great, super-speedy baby gift. :)

You will need 2 colours of DK yarn; I used green and white. Remember turning chains and to close your rounds with a slip stitch!

baby jingle ball


Make a magic loop with 5 stitches, using yarn A (green) and 5 mm (US: 8) hook.

Rnd 1: 2dc into each st [10 dc]
Rnd 2: (2dc, dc1) until end [15 dc]
Rnd 3: (2dc, dc2) until end [20 dc]
Rnd 4: With yarn B (white), (2dc, dc3) until end [25 dc]
Rnd 5: With yarn A, (2dc, dc4) until end [30 dc]
Rnd 6: With yarn B, (2dc, dc5) until end [35 dc]
Rnd 7: With yarn A, dc all sts [35 dc]
Rnd 8: htr all sts
Rnd 9: htr all sts
Rnd 10: dc all sts
Rnd 11: With yarn B, dc all sts
Rnd 12: With yarn A, (dc2tog, dc5) until end [30 dc]
Rnd 13: With yarn B, (dc2tog, dc4) until end [25 dc]
Rnd 14: With yarn A, (dc2tog, dc3) until end [20 dc]

At this point, turn ball to WS and securely knot and/or trim all loose yarn ends. Add jingle bells, if desired. (If ball is for a very young child, make sure bells are fastened securely. For this ball, I’ve actually cloth-bagged the bells and sewn them in place – so they are both cushioned and firmly attached.) Turn ball to RS and stuff to medium firmness. (Ball should be squooshy rather than rock solid!)

Rnd 15: (dc2tog, dc2) until end [15 dc]
Rnd 16: (dc2tog, dc1) until end [10 dc]
Rnd 17: dc2tog to end [5 dc]

At this point, top up the stuffing if necessary. Then fasten off, sew hole closed and your baby jingle ball is complete! :)

dc = double crochet (US: single crochet)
htr = half treble (US: half double crochet)
RS = right side (the outside of the ball)
WS = wrong side (the inside of the ball)


3 Responses to “Baby Jingle Ball”

  1. Hani June 30, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

    I’ve made one like this, but had problems with the bells’ jingling sound getting muffled by the stuffing. I’ll try your method of cloth-bagging the bell. Thanks for sharing.

    • Fiona Campbell June 30, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

      If you want a proper loud jingling noise, my sister has had good luck with small plastic eggs e.g. from a Kinder Surprise egg. Pop the jingle bells inside the egg and glue it closed, then add it to the stuffing. Cloth-bagging still muffles the sound – it just protects baby from any potential rough edges. HTH x

      • Hani June 30, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

        I’ve tried popping my bells inside a small egg (it was actually the capsule toy from the toy machine), but ended up with rattling sound instead of jingles. The only thing I didn’t do was to actually insert the belled-egg inside the crochet ball. Maybe the stuffing will muffle down the rattling and set free the jingles. I’ll try this next time I make another ball. Thanks Fiona! -Hani

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