Crochet Rat Pattern Adaption

15 Apr

One of my favourite toy patterns is the Rat by Lily Sugar’n Cream. It is so easy to make, knits up super fast, is great for gifting and looks professional. At least one recipient didn’t believe it wasn’t store-bought. ;) Well… one recipient’s mom. Her son apparently twigged that I made it. :p

As much as I love knitting this free pattern, I fancied a change and decided to adapt it into a crochet rat pattern. It morphs surprisingly well! I never bother with stuffing the tail with a pipe-cleaner or using beads for eyes; I always sew French knot eyes because I think it’s safer for kids’ toys.

Crochet Rat

I basically swapped all the knit and purl stitches for double crochet (US: single crochet), changed the inc1 to 2dc and switched the k2tog and ssk sts for dc2tog. (I also decided to crochet most of the body in the round, to save on some of the seaming, so I started the body with a magic loop instead of a plain cast on or ch5. Gosh, I’m a lazy crafter!)

The tail and legs are usually knitted i-cords. That was an easy swap to crochet i-cords. Plus, crochet i-cords have neater ends. :p

I did have a problem with the crochet rat ears though. Trying to do a straight substitute for the sts just didn’t work. To make the hexagonal ears, I came up with the following pattern sub:

Crochet Rat Ears

Using 4 mm (US: 6) crochet hook and DK yarn, chain 2.
Row 1: dc2 [2 sts]
Row 2: 2dc, 2dc [4 sts]
Row 3: dc4 [4 sts]
Row 4: dc2tog, dc2tog [2 sts]
Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing, and then make a second ear.

I think it turned out quite well and I’m going to keep using crochet for some of my future rats. (Yes, that does sound a bit weird but everyone could do with some future rats. Maybe they can predict the lottery for me.)

Have you ever adapted a knitting pattern for crochet? How did it turn out? :)


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