Knitted Greetings Card

4 Apr

Make your own knitted greetings card with A4 card, craft knife, a knitted square, sticky tape, glue and a standard DL sized envelope. (DL envelopes take a sheet of A4 folded into three; it’s commonly used for business letters.) You will need 2 contrasting colours (yarn A and yarn B) of DK weight yarn, to make your knitted square.

Pattern for Knitted Greetings Card

Cute Heart Knitted Greetings CardCast on 21 stitches with yarn A, on 4 mm (US: 6) straight needles.

Rows 1-5: st st (beginning with knit row)
Row 6: p10, (yarn B) p1, (A) p10
Row7: k9, (B) k3, (A) k9
Row8: p8, (B) p5, (A) p8
Row9: k7, (B) k7, (A) k7
Row10: p5, (B) p9, (A) p5
Row11: k5, (B) k11, (A) k5
Row12: p4, (B) p13, (A) p4
Row13: k4, (B) k13, (A) k4
Row14: p4, (B) p6, (A) p1, (B) p6, (A) p4
Row15: k5, (B) k4, (A) k3, (B) k4, (A) k5
Row16: p6, (B) p2, (A) p5, (B) p2, (A) p6
Rows 17-22: st st (beginning with knit row)

Cast off in knit. Secure and trim yarn ends. (It doesn’t have to be very neat because the wrong side will be hidden inside the greetings card.)

Knitted Greetings Card Instructions

Aperture CardAcross both long sides of your A4 card, from right to left, mark it at 4″ and 8″. (The long side of an A4 sheet is about 11.75 inches long, so that will give you 3 panels of 4″, 4″ and 3.75″.) Draw 2 straight lines between your marks, so you’ve divided your card into 3 rectangles, and lightly score along the lines.

In the centre panel, mark an aperture window of 2.5″ square and cut it out with a craft knife or pen knife. Position your knitted square across your aperture window and secure it with sticky tape. Check the other side of the card, to make sure it’s positioned correctly, and adjust if necessary. Apply glue to the left-hand panel (the shorter, 3.75″ panel) and fold it over the aperture panel. Put your card under a heavy book or other flat weight for half an hour or so, to help the glue adhere.

Ta-dah! Your very own handmade knitted greetings card. :) It will fit perfectly inside a DL size envelope. However, do check the card thickness if you’re going to post it. If your knitting is on the thick side then your card may be classed as “large letter” by Royal Mail. Not a problem for hand-deliveries though. ;)


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