Simple 5 Petal Flower

9 Mar

This is a very simple, basic 5 petal flower shape. It’s slightly raised and works well as a simple applique or embellishment for a wide range of items. You can also knit these flowers with a different colour centre, as a contrast.

simple 5 petal flower shape

Cast on 45 stitches (long tail cast on) using DK wool and size 3 mm (US 2.5) or 4 mm (US 6) needles.

1. knit [RS] [45 sts]
2. *p2, s1, p1, s1, p1, s1, p2; repeat from * to end [WS]
3. *k1, bo7; repeat from * to end [10 sts]
4. knit

Cut yarn, pull tight through the remaining stitches and sew through the same stitches several times to make a firm flower centre. Then sew up seam between 1st and 5th petals, where they ought to join. Take your yarn ends to the back of the flower centre, ready to sew on to a project – or weave in ends. The finished flower is about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, depending on chosen needle size. If you want to make the flower centre a different colour, change yarns at start of row 4.

Remember, when binding off stitches, you have to work one stitch before starting the bind off with the second stitch. If you prefer, you can visualise row 3 as “*k1, bo7, k1; rep from * to end” because you are working with 5 groups of 9 stitches.

Abbreviations: bo (bind off), k (knit), p (purl) and s (slip stitch, from one needle to the other, without knitting it).

Pattern originally published on November 28, 2012.


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