Cabled Mug Cosy

8 Mar

Adjustable cabled mug cosy with optional 3 buttons and buttonholes, to enable it to fit a wide range of cup sizes! Can also be knitted as a standard one button cosy, to fit a large mug.

cabled mug cosy

Cast on 5 stitches with 4 mm (US 6) needles and DK wool.Button Piece:
1. [and all odd rows to row 17] knit [RS]
2. kfb, p3, kfb [WS]
4. kfb, p5, kfb
6. kfb, p7, kfb
8. kfb, p9, kfb
10. kfb, p11, kfb
12. kfb, p13, kfb
14. kfb, p15, kfb
16. kfb, p17, kfb

18. k4, p4, k5, p4, k4
19. knit
20. k4, p4, k5, p4, k4
21. knit
22. k4, p4, k5, p4, k4
23. k4, c4b, k5, c4f, k4
24. k4, p4, k5, p4, k4
25. knit
26-73. rep rows 18-25 (6 times)

Buttonhole Piece:
74. [and all even rows to end] purl
75. k2tog tbl, k17, k2tog
77. k2tog tbl, k15, k2tog
79. k2tog tbl, k13, k2tog
81. k2tog tbl, k11, k2tog
83. k2tog tbl, k9, k2tog
85. k2tog tbl, k3, yo, k2tog, k2, k2tog
87. k2tog tbl, k5, k2tog
89. k2tog tbl, k1, yo, k2tog, k2tog
91. knit
93. k2, yo, k2tog, k1
95. knitBind off and weave in ends. Sew on 3 small buttons.

Alternative Instructions:
For a single buttonhole, change row 89 to “k2tog tbl, k3, k2tog” and bind off after that row.

If you want to adjust the number of buttonholes, the yarn over buttonholes work best in the knit rows. The sample in the photo was made with Red Heart Shimmer (acrylic yarn) and 11 mm heart-shaped buttons.

Pattern originally published on November 29, 2012.


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